Our digital agency team delivers a market-leading range of services from digital consultancy to web design, software, Mobile Apps development, chatbot, video production, and digital marketing. Trust us and see your Business enjoy the digital Transformations taking shape globally

Tsh 350,000


This package is for Businesses that need online Branding in social media and mixed SEO or Email marketing to create a brand position in the market. This package acts as a forever reminder that your business is still in operation and open for Business. This package does not guarantee clients in shorter times rather than branding machinery to create a loyal community that will be good clients in the due cause. What is Included

  • Facebook Page  management

  • Instagram Account Management

  • Either Twitter or LinkedIn management             

  • Basic SEO or Email marketing up to 10,000 per month                                        

  • Content creation (Graphics, simple illustration videos, articles

TSH 700,000


This Package is made for SMEs’ that need an advanced level of branding while bringing results in the shorter time. This package is made for businesses that need clients but have limited budget for the digital marketing thus it blends between branding and lead generation channels in place.

  • Facebook Page management

  • Instagram Account Management

  • Twitter Account Management  

  • LinkedIn Account management

  • 15 days Social Media Ads per month ($5 per Ad

  • Advanced SEO Strategy 

  • SMS marketing (1000 sms)                           

  • Email Marketing (50,000 emails per month)                                                 

  • Simple Website maintenance (changing picture, word, color etc)         

tsh 1,600,000

digital pro package

This Package is made for businesses that need an advanced level of all platform branding while bringing serious results in the shortest time possible. This package is made for businesses that need clients seriously and are desperate to get flying with bright colors while transforming their customer service to operate digitally with the power of a chatbot without hiring customer service staff. This is a serious digital package that brings value to companies.

  • Facebook Page management                             

  • Instagram Account Management

  • Twitter Account Management                            

  • LinkedIn Account management        

  • YouTube Channel marketing                         

  • 15 days Social Media Ads per month ($ 5 per Ad,)                  

  • Advanced SEO Strategy

  • SMS marketing (10,000 sms)         

  • Email Marketing (100,000 emails per month)

  • Website Maintenance (Analytics, structure, editing)   

  • 15 Google Ads per month ($5 per Ad)    

  • Branding Campaigns                                    

  • Chatbot integration to one website and a Facebook Page        

tsh 3,500,000

digital expert package

This is an Expert digital package, best for large Businesses and multinational companies that need to gain serious market share in the shortest time possible. The package blends between branding, web, digital advertising, Digital PR, chatbot, and E-commerce marketing exclusive of an e-commerce site development.

  • Advanced SEO Strategy         

  • Content creation                                               

  • All Social Media Platforms management

  • Video/YouTube Channel Management              

  • 30 day Social Media Ads (5$ per ad)

  • Email Marketing (200,000 Emails per month)

  • 30 day Google Search Ads

  • Google Display Ads

  • Chatbot integration to one website and Facebook Page

  • E-commerce Marketing

  • Website Maintenance and redesigns

  • Digital PR campaigns

  • Branding Campaigns

  • Instagram
  • Twitter Social Icon
  • Facebook Social Icon
  • LinkedIn Social Icon

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