Have your employees back by providing them the information they need,

Streamline internal communications by providing easy access to information to your employees.

HR is one of those functions, where many large companies seek to streamline through the adoption of new technology. Ultimately all employees will have one day a question related to HR. With our solution, the majority of those questions can be automated.

Employee satisfaction and productivity

Let us help you by integrating a chatbot into your collaboration environment (Workplace, Slack, Messenger) to monitor employee satisfaction and productivity.


There are always a lot of questions when a new team member joins your organisation. Let our solution help the onboarding by answering questions about benefit details, work schedules and regulations, questions about onboarding related training material.

Answering questions

Answering repetitive questions can be frustrating and time-consuming for your HR employees, however, it is an ideal job for chatbots. Our intelligent solution will assist your HR department by answering questions related to pay, stock, setting up, accessing, adjusting, or viewing benefit details and other HR programs or health program incentives.


Our intelligent virtual assistant can handle offboarding related tasks, earning and tax-related questions and exit interviews.

Hiring Assistant

Our solution can help your organization to engage, pre-screen and interact with every candidate at any time of the day. The virtual assistant has to be integrated with your companies job board to guide the applicants through the recruitment process.


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