If you wish to Double your Revenue in 2020; Your Business Needs to be interacting with your clients 24/7 No sleeping, No holiday. 


Digital Marketing
Digital Solutions
Chatbot Services
Talents Promotion

As a total Digital Agency We provide different digital marketing services that include but not limited to;

.Digital Strategy

.Digital Branding

.SMS Marketing

.Email Marketing

.SEO Strategy

.Social Media


.PPC strategy

As a complete Digital HUb We Develop ideas that turn into solutions to make Africa solve their business challenges through the digital space; we develop

.Mobile Apps 

.Web Apps



.Systems and 

.Other Digital


As a computer program, Chatbot automates customer interactions to save time and money as well, We provide chatbot services

.Customer care

.Finance matters

.Sales & Marketing

.HR & Recruitment

.Schools & Universities etc

Can be integrated with mobile Apps, websites, email, whatsapp, Facebook, sms etc

In promoting the African Talents, we develop digital solutions that facilitate marketing and sales of the African talents which include

. Digital Tickets Platform 

. Artists marketing and sales strategies

.Awards Voting Platform

.Merchandise Sales Strategy

.Digital Branding

.Onsite Training and Support



Tanzania Digital Care doesn’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. What may start out to be a branding assignment can morph into identifying a procedural or business process solution. Applying a time-tested problem-solving methodology, We can help identify and leverage the digital strategy to take your Business even Further

Digital Care Team has years of award-winning and market share-growing experience, helping clients ranging in size from mom and pop businesses to global corporations. Services include:

  • Chatbots development and maintenance

  • Branding and corporate identity

  • E-commerce configuration and marketing

  • Web development and e-communications

  • Video and corporate presentations

  • Design and packaging

  • Design digital brochures and company profiles

  • Advertising

  • Digital marketing

  • Social media management

  • Media relations

  • Music and movie Marketing

  • Digital Event Tickets 

  • And more

Upon our first meeting, we will try to understand your beautiful goals and come out with a final win-win solution for your business's future

We Serve Companies, Individuals and Artists in their pursuit for greatness through the digital space 




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